How does double roller granulator press your powdery materials into granules?

A double roller granulator is a core piece of machinery for the production of compound fertilizer pellets from powdery materials. It is also called a double roller pelletizer and it an extrusion machine that uses high strength forces to condense and granulate dry powdery materials. The pellets produced from such a machine are much denser than those produced by other types of granulators, so they can be sorted high piles without deterioration of the granules at the base of the piles.

Double roller extrusion granulators operate in room temperature settings, yet they still have a high granulation ratio. They are incredibly cost-effective and can improve the efficiency of a compound fertilizer production line tenfold.

A popular double roller granulator model is the TDJZ-1T. This red machine can produce granules with diameters ranging from 3mm to 10mm. The dimensions of the machine are 1450mm x 800mm x 1450mm and it produces roller sheets that are 150mm x 220mm in size. You can get a free quote for the TDJZ-1T model from an authorized Tongda distributor.

Some of the key advantages of modern fertilizer roller compactor from top-rated suppliers are:

1. The feeding inlets will have a stirring device. This means that raw materials are automatically fed into the roller press at a uniform speed.

2. The body frame will have a self-cleaning device, which prevents raw materials from attaching to the rollers.

3. The space between the rollers can be finely adjusted to ensure the spaces are well-proportioned and improve the convenience of operation.

4. Gear splines verify the rollers so they are no misplacements.

5. Machines are made from wear-resistant materials with anti-corrosion coatings to ensure a long working life.

The advantages listed above are not available on older models, so it’s important to look for double roller fertilizer granulator machines that employ the latest technology. That way, your compound fertilizer manufacturing productivity will be optimum.

A complete compound fertilizer production line consists of a crusher, double roller granulator, screener, conveyor, granule polishing machine, coating machine and packing machine. You can, of course, customize your production line to your requirements. For example, if you have access to lots of cheap manual labor, you might not require a packing machine or conveyor system.

While we have talked about using a double roller granulator for NPK fertilizer manufacturing above, such granulators also have a wide range of applications in other industries. They can basically be used to turn any type of dry powder into granules or pellets of varying shapes and sizes.

In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, double roller press granulators can be used to manufacturer tablets, pills, and capsules, which contain an exact dosage of active ingredients. In the animal feed industry, the machines can be used to pelletize shredded dried fodder into each to store pellets. They can also be used for the recovery of industrial dust materials. For example, coal dust and be granulated into fuel pellets.

As you can see, double roller press machines are very versatile pieces of machinery. The good news is that there are lots of granulator equipment suppliers online who stock the latest double roller granulator machines.

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