How Does The Fertilizer Mixer Work?

Fertilizer mixers are mainly used as a form of blending. And they come in very handy when it comes to producing fertilizer. And there are also some pretty top of the line manufacturers that started to produce both double shaft and single shaft fertilizer mixers. Our article features some information about how the fertilizer mixer works.

When it comes to the process of fertilizer granulation, it is necessary that the mixture be mixed in an even manner and according to a specific formula. As a result, mixing equipment is a must in the fertilizer processing industry. During the mixing process, there is typically the issue of low material residue and high mixing uniformity. Hence, mixers are widely needed for mixing the raw materials.

This is done for both compound fertilizer production as well as for organic fertilizers. In the case of a double shaft fertilizer mixer, it can be used for the purpose of mixing and humidifying your mixture for an exceptional finished product. The horizontal mixer is made up of a frame, mixing part and the transmission part. As the desired quantity of powdered material flows into the blenders mixing tank, a pressurised stream begins to spray on your raw materials.

Then, the motor produces the speed to drive the speed reducer which rotates the blenders main shaft. Welded onto the main shaft are a series of spiral blades which go on to mix the materials evenly. After this is done, they go on to form some balls that all contain the appropriate uniform content of moisture. When your materials are fully mixed, the discharge port under the tank opens and your perfectly mixed materials will then discharge and go onto the fertilizer granulation machine.

Due to the angles of the mixing blades, your mixture will be mixed in an effective, yet quick way. And it doesn’t even matter the size of your fertilizer being produced. In addition, your blender will also be able to mix materials that also contain up to 30% moisture or rather some very viscous materials.

When it comes to the features of the fertilizer mixer, there’s quite a few to benefit from. The residual value of the materials will also be significantly reduced due to the fact that there is a special minimum clearance between the mixer body and the rotor. Materials are now finally able to be mixed completely evenly. During the process, materials of any size can be accommodated and easily crushed for production.

As a result of the overall fertilizer mixer design, you can now be stress free since it is more user friendly. And it is also easy to maintain. The mixer also allows faster mixing along with faster discharge speeds. And the stainless-steel blades are excellent since they give users a longer lifespan since they don’t wear easily.

As we conclude, we have just looked at how the fertilizer mixer works. And we have also looked at the main features that come with it. The fertilizer mixer makes your task easier and it also gives you a perfect end product!

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