How to dry chicken manure for making them more commercial?

Poultry farmers are always beset with the problem of poultry litter that can be quite a nuisance. It releases a high level of ammonia that causes the environments inside the hen houses to be poor, and lead to distress among the birds, the workers in the house and even to neighbors. Ammonia gases harm the environment and fall foul of laws that require their release to be minimized. In addition to this, wet poultry litter also attracts flies and this can be a big nuisance to farmworkers and others in the vicinity.

All these problems make it important to look at ways to reduce these difficulties and to find ways to dry the chicken litter so that it is easy to dispose of, and also bring to it a lot of commercial value. It is possible to install these drying systems inside the poultry house itself, but these can produce a lot of dust and will have limited capacity as space inside hen houses is limited, and is better used for the poultry that is part of an income-producing business.

Chicken manure drying machine

Chicken manure drying machine

It is always preferable to dry the manure outside of the poultry. The chicken manure created in the house must be cleared regularly every day so that dust and ammonia within it is kept at reasonable levels. Poultry manure can be dried all through the year in dryers and then you can turn them into high quality commercial organic chicken manure fertilizers that has an assured market in garden supply centers and makes for a good fertilizer that is organic and contains no chemicals. The many process dryer systems that can be safely installed in areas adjacent to poultry houses will not only dry the manure and reduce all its polluting problems but can also pelletize them so that they are convenient for any further use.

Most equipment used for drying and pelletizing chicken manure essentially uses perforated plates that are often made of galvanized and powder-coated steel. Perforation percentage of these plates will keep 35 percent of their surfaces open so that the drying process created by blowing air is faster. The plates are in constant motion while they move through the current of forced air, and some machines tilt the plates to allow dried manure to fall off onto the plates below that are in constant motion and further the drying process.

Drying system for chicken manure pellet processing

Drying system for chicken manure pellet processing

Air that is blown into these dryers is at high pressure and allows the manure to be dried to 80-85% within 72 hours. This can vary depending on the ambient humidity. The chicken manure drying process also helps to reduce the release of any fine dust to a large extent. Capacities of drying plants must be such that they should be able to dry all the manure that the layers in a house can create within 3 or 4 days and have extra capacities built-in.

These systems do not require a lot of energy. The drying of the chicken manure greatly reduces odor, ammonia and the problems of flies, while producing products that can be easily sold in bags and containers as fertilizers for crops.

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