How To Obtain A Rotary Gear Drum Granulator At Reasonable Prices

If you have access to rotary gear drum granulator machine, it is a very useful tool. It is capable of creating very specific shapes from granulating materials. Whether you are in the market for a hot granulation machine, or one that runs cold, you can always get excellent results. It is the perfect device for producing fertilizer that is used on farms. If you are trying to make compound fertilizer for your crops, this would be the ideal solution over paying someone to do it for you. If you would like to get reasonable prices for your next rotary gear drum granulator, let’s look at what your options will be if you purchase one this year.

How Do They Work?

The primary purpose of these machines is to work with wet or dry material in order to conform them to a particular shape and size. If you are producing organic fertilizer, you have likely used one of these machines before. An example of one is a disc pan granulator. If you are producing dry materials, a dry granulation method should be implemented when using a double roller press granulator instead. There are so many different types of fertilizer that you can produce. Each of them can be assessed by looking at their specifications.

Specifications For These Machines

An example of a rotary granulator that you may want to purchase would include a disc pelletizer which is very easy to set up. They may have a diameter of just 1200 mm, and the length of 4000 mm in most cases. The capacity will allow you to produce well over 1 ton per hour. The type of power that it uses will be electricity, using about 5.5 kW. All of this can be customized, especially when working with larger businesses. Finished granules can be easily produced by one of these machines. There are also larger units that can produce as much as 30 tons per hour. They will also have an adjustable installation angle. As you assess them based upon how each granulator component works together, you can easily choose one that will be ideal for your business.

How To Make Them Perform At A Higher Level

You can have them perform at a very high level when you are using certain materials. For example, you can use in nitrogen solution, along with phosphoric acid and phosphorus ammonia in order to induce uniformity when producing your pellets. You may also want to include a heavy calcium slurry, ammonia gas, and other materials. When combined together, the finished pellets will be no more than 4 mm in size. This is ideal for fertilizer that has been combined from multiple components. It is this combination of components that will increase the productivity levels of a granulator you are using for this purpose.

To make your own granules of fertilizer, it is highly advantageous to obtain a rotary gear drum granulator from a reliable business. Not all of them are going to be affordable, yet you do want to save as much money as possible. Speaking with representatives of each company can help you make that decision. Eventually, you will obtain at least one of these units. It is inside the cylinder that all of these granules will be formed. By examining each one, either in person or online, you can decide which rotary gear drum granulator will be best suited for the material you are producing.

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