Poultry Manure Can Easily Be Composted and Turned Into Useful Fertilizer

The poultry industry is one of the fastest-growing livestock production systems and does produce a lot of waste, that can be measured in millions of tons. Poultry waste has a high nutrient content, with high percentages of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, which are the basic needs for any fertilizer, while it also has calcium, magnesium and appreciable quantities of micronutrients that can be of use to plants. Composting of poultry waste can lead to the production of fertilizer with high nutrient content.

Poultry droppings have uric acid that contains a lot of nitrogen that is lost through the volatilization of the ammonia in it and can lead to loss of nitrogen and atmospheric pollution. The nitrogen must be conserved by composting through the addition of suitable organic additions. Poultry manure contains many nutrient elements, but these will not become available to plants unless the manure is composted to produce a fertilizer that can be easily absorbed by plants. In the process of composting, microorganisms help in the decomposition and digesting of organic matter so that the final product is easily absorbed by plants. know more, please go here. https://manuretofertilizer.com.

organic fertilizer making machines

organic fertilizer making machines

Following proper processes for composting poultry manure can determine the quality of the fertilizer. The poultry manure needs to be collected and put together with auxiliary materials like straw and sawdust that make up the browns against the greens of the poultry manure. Water is added to bring the water content to about 60 percent. A compost pile must be made of the poultry manure and the other materials and placed in long grooves. This leads to a concentration of the organic waste that then helps in increasing its temperature and hastening the process of bio-degradation.

These raw materials must be turned over regularly and any material added to the manure must be blended evenly. The compost pile temperature increases to about 60 to 70 degrees Centigrade and must be constantly stirred so that the fermentation is continuous, and oxygen made available. Water content must be monitored. Equipment for the manufacture of poultry manure fertilizer will have crushing equipment, turners, and stirrers that can greatly reduce manual effort, required for the constant attention to the compost pile.

Addition of biochar like rice hull and sawdust can improve the conditions for composting and the quality of the compost. Biochar has high porosity and this helps to greatly increase the availability of oxygen that is vital to the decomposing and composting process. This, in turn, increases the composting rate and can shorten the period for production of the fertilizer. It also helps to reduce any loss of nitrogen and can eliminate the formation of toxic compounds. Sawdust helps to balance the water content so that microbial activity has a favorable environment, while also adjusting the ratio of carbon to nitrogen.

Regular turning is a very important part of the process of poultry manure composting and is more efficient if the use is made of the proper poultry manure composting machines that must be suitable to the method of composting that is being used.

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