What Is So Unique About A Disk Pelletizer?

There are quite a few businesses that produce their own fertilizer. This is typically done through the use of a pellet producing machine. There are different models that you can choose from. This will include a rotary granulator and also a disc pelletizer which is very efficient. These tend to be used by companies that are medium to small in size. They are also designed to produce pellets in many different sizes and formats. These are unique, and for the following reasons, you should consider owning one if you would like to make thousands of pellets for your farm annually.

What Makes Them Unique?

To understand why a disk pelletizer are so unique, you must first understand how they are constructed. They look very similar to a standard disc, or a wide bowl with a flat interior. As it spins, the pellets will be produced. You can adjust many different aspects of these systems. You can adjust the angle you the base of the unit. These are all built on some type of a structural steel base that will keep everything secure and balanced. At the base, you will also find the discharge chute, and you can also adjust the flow of the material coming in. Their uniqueness is primarily based on how wide the diameter is, the maximum speed, and the size of the pellets that can be produced.

Disk pelletizer for sale

Disc granulating machine fro fertilizer production

Are These Better Than A Rotary Drum Granulator?

These are not better than any type of rotary granulator. They are simply much more compact and easier to use. There is the added necessity of adjusting the angle to get the right consistency and production levels for the pellets you are producing. Disc granulators are primarily made for companies that do not need to reduce a large amount of fertilizer. However, you can always buy more of them, adding them to one particular region of your warehouse, to create as much fertilizer as you need for your crops.

Why Are These Considered Unique?

Unlike a rotary drum granulator, these will show you exactly what is happening. The top is open, allowing you to see what is happening inside. A rotary drum granulator is completely enclosed, yet you will see the finished product. They are also unique because it gives you more options in terms of adjusting the speed at which the pellets are made and the angle at which these materials are produced. Most importantly, at least for some companies, they are completely portable. Designed in a small size, they can be brought to any location to produce pellets for your farming operations.

Pan granulating machine for making fertilizer granules

Disk pelletizer for fertilizer making plant

Where Can You Get These?

You can find these for sale either locally or on the web. They are exceedingly popular, which means there will be hundreds of companies to choose from. The amount of time that you spend using them will be similar to a rotary drum granulator. The main difference is the total amount of output. If you are using a pan pelletizer, you will quickly learn how to set it up and begin to produce the pellets that are needed.

Finding good deals on a disc pelletizer is not that hard to do. There are companies that only produce these particular types of fertilizer pellet machines. If you are interested in owning one or more of these units, there are companies that have been producing them for decades. Be sure to consider the diameter of the pan granulating machine, the capacity, the base, and how it is mounted, before making your decision. Additionally, they should be equipped with a reciprocating scraper and should be made of stainless steel that will not rust. All of these factors will contribute to obtaining the right pan pelletizer for your business.

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