What is the role of fertilizer dryer play in the fertilizer production line?

The main use of a fertilizer drying machine is to dry pelleted fertilizer. Apart from drying fertilizer granular, the fertilizer dryer can also dry fresh animal waste, including poultry waste, horse manure, chicken waste, cow dung, and so on. The machine implements aeration-drying technology for reducing the moisture content available in materials.

A Fertilizer dryer is an essential equipment when it comes to the fertilizer processing lines; mainly because it can dry both pelleted organic and compound fertilizer. The machine supplies air by making use of a hot blast furnace. The hot air usually dries the materials within the cylinder. As the process continues, the rotating cylinder will ensure better drying effects. In turn, the substances will be dried evenly. With the help of a rotating drum dryer, coal, biomass, gas, and oil can be useful as fuel for providing air.

The Role of a Fertilizer Drying Machine in the Entire Manure Fertilizer Making Process

An organic fertilizer production line consists of five sections:
– fermentation
– Getting ready for granulating
– Pelletizing
– Pelleted organic fertilizer processing
– Packing

So, what role does an organic fertilizer dryer play? Like aforementioned, its main use is in the process of making better pelleted organic fertilizer. How does it deal with processing fertilizer granules?

Once the granulating is complete, the granules formed usually have a high moisture content and temperature. Since every single organic fertilizer granulation machine makes use of the wet granulation technology during pelletizing, you will certainly require a fertilizer drying machine for reducing its moisture content.

More often than not, the dryer is used side by side with a cooling machine. Once the drying is over, there will be lots of droplets on the surface containing dried organic fertilizer granules. Additionally, organic fertilizer granular will have an extremely high temperature. Here, the cooling machine comes into play. It will significantly assist in lowering the pellets’ temperature, as well as cooling the droplets. In the end, you can obtain well-processed organic fertilizer pellets.

It’s important to know that you can also use this piece of equipment for your cow manure organic fertilizer production line, as well as in compound fertilizer production process. If during granulating, you use a drum fertilizer pellet machine, wet stirring granulator, or a pan granulation machine, this drying machine will greatly assist you in making pellets in a better manner.

Fertilizer Drying Machine: Working Principle

The drum dryer machine is not only popular in the fertilizer making process, but also animal farming. The machine can dry both granulated fertilizers and fresh organic animal waste. You can then use these materials for storing, transporting, making feed, and even selling. So, how does it dry the materials?

If you use a bucket elevator to feed in materials from your feeding device, those materials will flow freely into the rotating cylinder due to gravity. The induced draft fan will then send hot air into the cylinder to allow heat exchange within the materials. The hot air usually circulates from bottom to top as it sends heat to the materials via heat conduction, convection, and so forth. The water formed by the hot materials will create droplets on the pellets’ surface. Lastly, you can collect the well-dried materials from the discharging port.

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