How Compound Fertilizer Production Line Helps In Fertilizer Production

Every year, fertilizer manufacturers produce hundreds and thousands of tons of organic compost. To meet that kind of demand, manufacturers use compound fertilizer production lines. These lines can granulate DAP, NPK fertilizers, and various other materials into organic fertilizers together so that they don’t have to do anything individually. The entire line can produce fertilizers containing different types and concentrations of inorganic fertilizers, magnetic fertilizers, biological fertilizers, etc.

Parts of a compound fertilizer production line

The compound fertilizer production lines have different functional parts that include:

• Fertilizer crushing machine

• Fertilizer mixing machine

• Rotary drum drying machine

• Rotary drum granulator

• Rotary screening machine

• Rotary drum cooling machine

• Spraying granulating system

• Belt conveyor

• Packaging machine

The organic compost goes through a specific channel according to which these parts are placed.

Process of producing fertilizer using a compound fertilizer production line

Compound fertilizer production lines follow a simple technological process to produce tons of fertilizers at the end of a cycle.

• It starts with mixing the raw materials. The production line takes even quantities of raw materials and mixes them very well. Once the mixture is complete, it distributes the granules to improve the efficiency of the fertilizer.

• The second step is drying the granule particles. These particles reach the dryer so that it eliminates even a drop of moisture. It also helps to improve the strength of the fertilizer granules that makes it easier to store them in containers later.

The entire process of the compound fertilizer production line starts with the jaw crusher, then moves to the hammer crusher, disk granulator, drum screen, drying machine, monocular cooler, wrapping machine, and finally ends in the packing machine.

Benefits of compound fertilizer production lines

• The compound fertilizer production lines come with advanced techniques for fertilizer production. Since everything connects to one line, the fertilizer granulation finishes in a single process.

• It uses an advanced rotary drum granulator that has a granulating ratio of almost 70%, which is higher than any other method. The high intensity of the granules makes for the perfect fertilizer.

• The inner cylinder body has a rubber plate lining that doesn’t allow raw materials to stick to the sides of the plate. So, you get every ounce of fertilizer from the raw materials used in the production line.

• This production line is suitable for a variety of reasons: stable performance, wear-resistant material components, low energy consumption, abrasion-proof, easy operation and maintenance, long service lifespan, and high-quality fertilizers.

• Although the setup cost is higher than other fertilizer production method, it is worth every penny. The high economic returns will make up for your initial investment in no time at all.

• You can adjust the capacity of the production line depending on the customer demands.

This is undoubtedly one of the best fertilizer production techniques that deliver high-quality and high-quantity yield after every session. Invest in this production line, and you will never complain about its performance.

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