How To Maintain A Modern Double Roller Extrusion Granulator?

One of the most compact and highly efficient fertilizer granulators on the market is a double roller extrusion fertilizer granulator. These are often sold on websites that provide a large amount of fertilizer equipment. They may be in the midst of compost equipment, crusher machines, and manure dehydrators to name a few. They will often require material such as ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium phosphate, and also ammonium fluoride. The production of several tons of material every hour is certainly possible. However, it is only through proper maintenance that you will be able to achieve this on a regular basis. The following information will present ideas on how to properly maintain modern double roller extrusion granulator machines.

Compound Fertilizer Roller Extrusion Pelleting Machine

Compound Fertilizer Roller Extrusion Pelleting Machine

An Introduction To This Product

Roller extrusion granulator machines are very common in the farming world. Compound fertilizer granulation has been around for decades. Modern machines are much more compact than those that were made even a decade ago. They are designed for ease of use, as well as high production capabilities. When looking at the performance possibilities of these machines, do not look at their size of them. Although they are smaller than before, they are highly efficient. You can use granulation machines in many different circumstances. They are often used in working with coal, the chemical industry, and also the production of compound fertilizer.

The Working Principle Of These Machines

Your overall working principle begins with the electric motor that drives the belt. There is often a built-in pulley system that needs to be self-propelled. You can also control the speed at which the belt is moving, as well as maintain the driving shaft, which can synchronize everything in the same direction. Once the material has been added through the hopper, the roll extrusion forming process is going to occur. Pellets can be formed, as well as balls of this material, which is why it is referred to as a granulator.

NPK Fertilizer Granulator Double Rolloer Extrusion Granulator

NPK Fertilizer Granulator Double Rolloer Extrusion Granulator

How To Maintain These Machines

The maintenance of these machines will require you to look at each individual component. Look at the speed reducer, pulleys, belts, and motor that you are using. By providing proper lubrication and maintenance for these machines on a daily basis, you can extend their life of them regardless of how much material you are producing. Keep in mind that not all of these machines are designed for high levels of production. You can often receive a quote from businesses that market them to see how much they will cost. Once you have received these estimates and the specifications for each machine, you can make a logical decision when choosing the right one.

Double Rolloer Granulator for NPK Compound Fertilizer Plant

Most types of fertilizer equipment tend to be very large. This is certainly not the case with a double roller extrusion granulator machine. Despite the small size, you will be able to achieve high levels of output. You will want to consider how these will be maintained when you are using them at your facility. If your objective is to produce more fertilizer for your crops this year, consider obtaining a double roller extrusion granulator for your business.

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