How To Make Granular Fertilizer By Using Dry Granulation Equipment?

Do you own the equipment for making dry granular fertilizer? They are specifically designed for the dry granulation process. It is a process in which particulate material is formed into granules. This is often done without any type of liquid solution. These granules will dry when using these machines. The size and rate at which they are produced will depend upon many factors. This may include the feed rate, role design, roller speed, and the size and shape of the screws that are used in their construction. Let’s look at how you can make granular fertilizer using the latest dry granulation equipment.

The Purpose Of Granular Fertilizer

When you are applying fertilizer to any crop, you must consider the distribution process. For example, if you are using liquid fertilizer, it can be easily sprayed. The problem with liquid fertilizer is that it may not last as long as solid pellets which will decompose over time. Additionally, as the pellets decompose, they are absorbed through the roots. This is much more beneficial for the plants. This is why many companies invest in these granular fertilizer machines or simply use pellets for the purpose of fertilizing their crops.

What Is Dry Granulation Equipment?

These are machines that can take a wide variety of spray dried powders, or even dust, and combine them into larger granules. If you have ever used pellets for fertilizer, or even tablets, this is how they are made. The main purpose of granulation is to create homogenous mixtures which will, in turn, create the pellets. This process can only be carried out by these machines which are designed for this purpose.

How To Find Companies That Produce Them

The businesses that produce these can be found worldwide. There is often a need for different types of powder and pellets. It puts the powdery material into machines that will produce the agglomeration process. Using a certain level of force, and sometimes a binding agent, all of the smaller particles will begin to come together. These are used in the pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer processing industry, and some other factories. Most of these companies will produce these machines for very reasonable prices. You can find the advertisements online for some of the largest companies that sell them.

How Do These Machines Work?

These machines work by taking the fine powder, moving it through a final, through the force of compression. The powder will compress within a chamber. Depending upon the size of the chamber, and the amount of force used, pellets and tablets can be made. These are primarily mechanical machines, ones that run automatically, and can automate the entire process. You will soon have more tablets for fertilizer then you can use, especially when these machines are used to their full capacity.

If you want to create granular fertilizer, you can do so very easily by using these granular fertilizer machines. They are designed for both large and small companies that are producing them all over the world. In some countries, they charge far less than domestic sources. Although the cost of shipping will be higher, you will save a substantial amount of money. Eventually, you will find one that is at a price point that will allow you to purchase it for less. If you are interested in the dry granulating machine, welcome to learn more:

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