What is doing in uta?

An attempt to buy raspberries at Utah’s local farm market in April turned out to be unavailable. This is because although raspberries are available in grocery stores all year round, they are really the summer season, from June to September.
We have created an in-season production calendar for Utah so that you can easily see when it’s time to find the latest fresh sweet corn, or whether you missed the citrus season. Feel free to share this season’s calendar on Facebook, Twitter and Interest, or contact us for permission to reuse or reprint full-size versions. Go here for more.

Sean Peterson believes that today’s agriculture is not your grandfather’s farm.

In fact, it may even be a big yellow school bus.
As the founder and executive director of the Salt Lake City Green City lunchbox, Peterson is studying how to ensure that current and future generations continue farming. It’s a question of thinking outside the box – or 40 acres of land.
“Agriculture has really changed a lot,” says Peterson, who planted and harvested his garden at the age of 12. “It’s becoming competitive and a very difficult business. I want to look at agriculture from a different perspective, see the possibilities of urban agriculture, and see how people can creatively make a living from agriculture.