What Delicate Designs Does A Rotary Drum Granulator Employ For Better Granulation?

The rotary drum granulator is one of the most important machines in an organic fertilizer production line. This machine, and particularly its design, has a direct influence on the quality of the granules. Here are a few of the delicate designs does a rotary drum granulator employ for better granulation.

  • One of the best ways to secure a more delicate design of a fertilizer drum granulation machine is to use high quality materials on the drive part and cradle part. This will ensure a much more stable design, so you’ll benefit from higher reliability of the machine. Ideally, the cradle part should be made from medium carbon steel plate and U-steel. This helps supporting the rotating cylinder body. In addition, consider choosing a machine that uses anti rot and anti abrasive materials to limit the friction between the belt and the riding wheel. Also, make sure that the driver is made from U-steel, as this is a very stable configuration. In fact, most reputable brands of fertilizer making machines use U-steel to make the driver of their rotary drum granulator machines.
  • The materials of the gearwheel are also very important. Both the large and the small gearwheels should be made from high tech wear resistant materials. This helps prolonging the useful life of the rotary drum granulator and it is one of the delicate designs to seek for when shopping around for this type of equipment.
  • The choice of cylinder lining material is another detail that can result in longer service life and better granulation. This liner is made from special rubber that prevents materials from sticking and provides effective anti rot and insulation properties.
  • A delicate design should also contribute to easing the transportation of the machine. Many of these devices feature four hooks on the carrier roller mounting bracket. While this feature may not relate directly to the quality of the granulation, it is still important in the overall scheme of things.
  • One surefire way to improve the quality of the granules is to mix them with vapor to improve their temperature. Vapor can lower the moisture content of the pellets. This is why you have to shop around for a machine with this special design that provides higher drying efficiency.
Rotating granulator for large scale organic fertilizer manufacturer

Rotating granulator for large scale organic fertilizer manufacturer

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll always have a percentage of unqualified pellets. It is very important to choose a machine that enables you to granulate again these pellets, in order to increase the success rate of your fertilizer production process and to minimize waste.

Last but not least, consider all varieties of raw materials you intend to process. Your choice of equipment will depend on that. You have to be able to mix high solubility materials with low solubility ones in accordance to the specific formula you want to use. This type of drum fertilizer pelletizer is often used for compound fertilizer granules making in large scale.

If you don’t know how to choose the design of your rotating fertilizer drum granulator, consider searching for information on the web. Even better, ask an expert in organic fertilizers making to provide you with guidance and advice.

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