Horse Manure Drum Pelleting Machine with Large Capacity

In the world of agricultural waste management and organic fertilizer production, the horse manure drum pelleting machine with large capacity has emerged as a revolutionary solution. This innovative machine is designed to convert horse manure, a commonly available organic waste, into high-quality organic fertilizer pellets. Equipped with a large capacity, it ensures efficient and cost-effective processing, making it a preferred choice for commercial-scale fertilizer production.

drum granulation machine

drum granulation machine

Working Principle

The horse manure drum pelleting machine operates on a straightforward yet highly efficient principle. The raw horse manure is first collected and fed into the drum, which acts as the main processing unit. As the drum rotates, the manure is subjected to a combination of heat, moisture, and mechanical action.

The heat is generated through a reliable heating system, which accelerates the composting process, ensuring the efficient breakdown of organic matter. Simultaneously, moisture is added to the drum to maintain optimal conditions for bacterial activity. The mechanical action of the rotating drum helps mix and turn the manure, ensuring uniform composting and preventing clumping or matting.

Pelletization Process

Once the horse manure undergoes the initial composting stage inside the drum, it is transformed into a semi-solid state. At this point, the semi-solid compost is further processed to create high-quality fertilizer pellets. The drum pelleting machine features a specialized mechanism that compresses the compost into small, uniform pellets.

The pelletization process involves the addition of binders or additives, which help improve the pellet’s durability and nutrient retention. These additives are carefully selected to ensure they are environmentally friendly and do not compromise the organic nature of the final product. The resulting pellets are then discharged from the machine, ready for packaging and distribution.

Use drum granulator to make fertilizer

Use drum granulator to make fertilizer

Key Features of Horse Manure Drum Pelleting Machine

  1. Large Capacity: The horse manure drum pelleting machine is designed to handle significant volumes of horse manure, making it suitable for commercial-scale fertilizer production. Its high capacity ensures efficient and continuous operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
  2. Efficient Composting: The machine’s rotating drum, coupled with the heating system and moisture control, creates optimal conditions for rapid composting. This ensures the complete breakdown of organic matter and the elimination of pathogens, resulting in a safe and nutrient-rich final product.
  3. Uniform Pelletization: The drum pelleting machine guarantees the production of uniform fertilizer pellets. Its specialized design and mechanical action ensure that each pellet is of consistent size, shape, and composition, optimizing the application and distribution of the organic fertilizer.
  4. Customizable Options: Horse manure drum pelleting machines can be customized to meet specific requirements. Various parameters, such as drum speed, temperature control, and pellet size, can be adjusted to achieve desired output specifications. This flexibility enables the machine to adapt to different types of organic waste and production goals.

Benefits of Horse Manure Drum Pelleting Machine

  1. Sustainable Waste Management: By converting horse manure into organic fertilizer pellets, the drum pelleting machine offers a sustainable solution for waste management. It reduces the environmental impact associated with manure disposal, minimizing odors and potential contamination of soil and water bodies.
  2. Nutrient-Rich Organic Fertilizer: The final product of the drum pelleting machine is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Horse manure, when properly composted and pelletized, becomes a valuable source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other essential nutrients for plants. This organic fertilizer promotes soil health, enhances crop productivity, and reduces the reliance on chemical fertilizers.
  3. Cost-Effective Production: The large capacity of the horse manure drum pelleting machine ensures cost-effective production of organic fertilizer. By utilizing a readily available waste material, farmers and fertilizer manufacturers can reduce input costs while generating a valuable product for sale or on-farm use.


The horse manure drum pelleting machine with large capacity offers an efficient and sustainable solution for transforming horse manure into high-quality organic fertilizer pellets. Its innovative design, coupled with customizable options, ensures optimal composting and uniform pelletization. By adopting this technology, farmers, waste management facilities, and fertilizer producers can harness the benefits of organic waste recycling while contributing to a more sustainable agricultural industry. For details you can visit

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