How Does A Standard Disc Granulator Machine Work Efficiently?

Efficiency is the key to your success when it comes to producing products for your business. This is very true in the production of fertilizer that will be used with your farming operations. A disc granulator machine, albeit relatively small, can produce a substantial amount of fertilizer on a daily basis. These are small enough, as well as portable, to be used at small and large business operations. Once they are set up and managed by workers at your facility, you can produce millions of pellets right on schedule. Here is an overview of how a disc granulator machine works and why you should consider getting several of them in order to reach optimal production levels.

small scale organic fertilizer granulator

How Does A Disc Granulator Machine Work?

If you have never used one before, these are situated on a platform. They simply look like a large metallic bowl that is situated at an angle. There will be a bar over the top, which is used to maneuver the angle of the disc granulator. As it begins to spin, centrifugal forces will make it possible to produce the pellets. Some of these are going to be spherical in nature, whereas others will produce pellets that are more cylindrical. As the motor begins to turn the belt, the disc granulating equipment will start to move, and this is going to give you the speed that you need for this to work.

How To Get Them The Right Size

To get the proper size, you need to manage the speed of the disc granulator, as well as the consistency of the material that you are using. As you are adjusting the main gear that will drive everything, you can adjust the speed until you get the final product you are looking for. The spray device, along with the raw materials that are being used, will lead to the round granules being formed. Once you have found the proper speed, you will get the right size.

In-stocking disc fertilizer pelletizer

Specifications For Disc Granulator Machines

When you look at the specifications for each of these machines, consider the power usage, dimensions of the machine, and its edge height. The rotary speed is typically going to be measured in revolutions per minute. The capacity refers to the number of pellets that can be produced. This is generally between a single ton to multiple tons of material. As long as you have a consistent source of the material you are using in order to produce these pellets, it will be very easy to provide your farm with the fertilizer needed and others that will want to buy it from you.

Once you have learned how to adjust the angle of the disc granulator, and its overall speed, production levels are going to increase dramatically. Everything is started by simply turning on the motor which will rotate the disc. You also need to manage the inlets at the top, allowing the materials to tumble into the pan, and convert into pellets due to centrifugal force. All of these factors may take some time to adjust, but once it is done, your standard disc granulator will become your best source for fertilizer at your place of business.

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