How To Turn Cow Dung Into Organic Fertilizers?

With the increase in cattle rearing, the issue of manure pollution has become a major problem for some. It results in foul smell if not well maintained and makes the environment look messy. In some areas, you will even find that the level of environmental pollution by cow dung has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution. This only means one thing: that people need to learn how to convert cow dung into organic fertilizers. This is a smart and economical move because farmers who keep cows and grow plants won’t need to buy artificial fertilizers to use in their gardens. It is now time to think about how you can convert the cow dung into organic fertilizer to improve efficiency and make things easier for you. There are various cow manure management techniques. It is advisable to allow the cow dung to compost as this makes the whole process a lot easier. During composting, the microorganisms are the ones responsible for breaking down the organic matter into compost. You only need the raw materials and time to process the cow dung compost. Below are ways to convert cow dung into organic fertilizer.

How Do You Prepare Fertilizer From Cow Dung?

After accumulating cow dung, find a fertilizer compost turner. A fertilizer compost burner aids the microorganism agent to decompose the cow dung within a short period. Without composting, you cannot directly use the cow dung for plants. You cannot miss this step because it is crucial in making organic fertilizers from cow dung. During this period of fermenting, you should control the temperature to ensure effective fermentation takes place. Also, note that it is okay for the cow dung to contain some amount of moisture, and hence, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you are making fertilizer on a small scale, it is recommended that you use the small window turner for this purpose.

Fertilizer Crusher.

After fermentation and composting, the next process involves getting a fertilizer crusher. You need the fertilizer crusher to crush the cow dung manure into a very fine powder. After crushing, put that powder into a fertilizer mixer. The fertilizer mixer ensures that the powder cow dung is mixed evenly. Proceed by using a fertilizer pelletizer. The aim of using this is to granulate the powdery cow manure into granules. Note that after granulating, the granules will have high moisture content. It is, therefore, important that you remove any moisture from the cow dung pellets. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You could even choose to dry it by natural air, which will still do the trick. There are several machines that you can also buy to help you to lower the moisture content of the pelleted cow dung fertilizers. If you want excellent cow dung granules, you need to screen the cow manure granules. Pack the right pellets and return the unqualified pellets to be crashed and re-granulated.

Converting cow dung into organic fertilizers shouldn’t be hard. You only need to understand the procedure and know which equipment you need to make the process easier for you. It might be tough for the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier.

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